Specialized Fire & Rescue Oracle CRM Accelerator to Help Manage Day-to-Day Interactions with Constituents

Simplify the administrative side of Fire & Rescue

Quint Wheel

CPI’s Quint Solution gives Fire Rescue the framework for managing day-to-day interactions with constituents while providing greater administrative visibility and efficacy.

Constituent Communication – Safety Reporting – Investigations – Employee Development – Special Event Management

Why Quint Fire Rescue Multi-Purpose Solution?

Securing Funding and Retention = do more with less

Ensuring Safety = training schedules, inspections, reports, and pre-incident planning documents

Enhancing Communication with constituents = open records, surveys, call-ins, and citizen concerns

Coordinating Agency Resources = asset accountability, inventories, availability, and rosters

Rising Expectations for Fire Services = be nimble, evolve with changing technology landscape



  • Constituents can create a submission via webpage
  • Submissions can be searched by contact name or by submission type, allowing for easy queries
  • Reviewers can see at a glance any documents received, details of the communication, and status of any related items
  • Dashboard views provide at a glance visibility to all submissions and statuses
  • All submissions can be automatically routed to ensure they get to the right team


  • Send and receive responses within the submission ticket, no need to jump back and forth between tools
  • Use predefined standard text to respond to constituents quickly and consistently
  • Log all communication for historical review and audit capability
Quint Communicate
Quint - Approve


  • Special event approvals can happen with the click of a button
  • All approval and event dates are captured for future use in communication responses, no need to retype information
  • All event history for an organization is easily accessible – you can search by organization, type of event, or even size of event
  • Approval letter can be sent directly from the solution when the appropriate criteria have been met

For more information, contact Keith Doucette at kdoucette@cpi.solutions

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