Quiq Start

Implementation Package

Project Overview

This Statement of Work (SoW) encompasses the design and configuration of Quiq implementation for one instance of Oracle Service Cloud.

Project Kickoff, Discovery, and Design

CPI will kickoff the project with an introduction call and will schedule subsequent meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to define, in detail, the desired system configuration and to optimize the Quiq implementation for your agent and customer experience. CPI will:

  • Define all Quiq workflows to be built on the system. This effort requires involvement from a Client Business User Subject Matter Expert that can describe in detail the desired workflow (including routing, SLA requirements, etc.). The representative(s) must also have the authority to sign off and approve the documented flows prior to CPI configuring them in the system.
  • Document the users profiles to be included in the Quiq Implementation
  • Document the custom field mapping within the scope of this project.
  • Project Kickoff will be no more than one hour.
  • Discovery will be no more than one hour.
    Sign-off of design will occur prior to configuration start.

Tasks to be completed

  • CPI will conduct one (1) Discovery Session to gather requirements
  • Client will provide administrative profile access to Oracle Service Cloud during the term of the Agreement
  • CPI will implement the Quiq toolset to one interface of Client’s Oracle Service Cloud
  • CPI will configure the Quiq toolset to the Client’s Oracle Service Cloud site
  • Configure one (1) SMS or Quiq Chat or Facebook Messenger
  • CPI will modify user profiles permission necessary for the Quiq toolset
  • The Quiq toolset will be added to one CPI provided custom workspace and one customer provided workspace
  • CPI to deploy Workspace Add-In to up to five customer profiles
  • CPI will install Quiq contact lookup reports


  • CPI has included one remote train-the-trainer session not to exceed one hour
  • CPI has included one remote Quiq Administrator training session for up to two participants


CPI has included up to two hours of time for a Project Manager and/or Oracle Service Cloud Engineer to support the go-live event.

Ongoing Optimization

CPI has included one month of ongoing optimization that will provide up to five hours of monthly support. (One hour monthly meeting, with four remaining hours for questions/ site optimizations. These hours expire at the end of the optimization month.)

Responsibilities and Assumptions

Client Project Responsibilities

  • Client agrees to identify the following project roles:
    • Project Manager – Responsible to act as a single point of contact, manage resources, coordinate logistics, and manage all internal communications
    • Oracle Service Cloud Administrator – Responsible for daily operation, user and group administration, configuration changes, usage policies, and other ongoing activities
  • Client will provide CPI access to Oracle Service Cloud instance with administration level access
  • Client will develop SMS related User Stories (template will be provided)
  • The CPI Project Manager and Client Project Manager will coordinate all meetings
  • The Client will institute Oracle Service Cloud code-freeze throughout the duration of the implementation/configuration portion of the project
  • The Client Project Manager will:
    • Participate in a project kick-off and planning sessions
    • Participate in weekly project status meetings
    • Provide names and contact information for key personnel for the deployment process
    • Identify and schedule personnel for training
  • Client will use its best efforts to perform their responsibilities in the timeline agreed upon in planning meetings and provide ample notice if requirements will not be met on the timeline agreed upon
  • The Client will be responsible for testing specific data, rules, and workflow loaded into Oracle Service Cloud, to ensure their validity, accuracy, and conformance to their policies, laws, regulations, and third party agreements
  • The Client will maintain an active subscription of Oracle Service Cloud throughout the duration of the project

List of Exclusions

  • The following are not a part of this SoW: Database, operating system and network configuration and/or troubleshooting.
    • This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Database Replication, Optimization or Partitions
      • DNS issues
      • Internet Connectivity
      • Network Appliance setup/troubleshooting
      • Network maintenance and backup
      • Remote Access Client/server configuration
        • Citrix, Terminal Server, etc.
      • Router/Switch troubleshooting
      • SSL configuration
      • TCP/IP configuration
      • Technical environment operations
      • Web Server set-up and troubleshooting
      • Windows and/or any other OS Installation
      • Load testing of the Service Cloud Environment / Quiq
      • Implementation of Service Cloud product modules and functionality not explicitly described in this SoW are outside the scope of this project

Unless otherwise outlined in this SoW, modifications to the Service Cloud Customer Portal or the Agent thin-client interface will not be tested for accessibility (for use by people with disabilities) using accessibility tools (screen readers, screen magnifiers, etc…) or accessibility testing tools (AccVerify, WAVE, etc…)

Inspection and Acceptance Criteria

  • Acceptance of services will be at the time of production deployment.
  • If this Agreement is terminated prior to acceptance, Client agrees that all charges for hours spent by CPI for preparation, correspondence, and execution of requested services will be accepted and paid.
  • This SoW defines the complete project scope. The scope and objectives will be confirmed during planning. If it is determined that the scope will change, this may affect the cost and schedule of the implementation effort. Any such changes will be reviewed and approved by both Parties in writing.
  • The deliverables and timelines associated with the project are subject to Force Majeure. While CPI will make every effort to ensure timely delivery, we will not be held responsible for delays or inconsistencies beyond normal control and influence.