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Successful Project Management for Your Oracle Policy Automation Project

Are you looking to implement Oracle Policy Automation for your organization? During June’s Ask the Experts, we will be exploring the topic of successful project management for Oracle Policy Automation.

For a Project Manager, onboarding a new project can be scary enough. Adding a new technology platform can add to that anxiety. Knowing how to get started, having the resources required and insights from peers can help you implement a successful project strategy for your organization. Join our upcoming Ask the Experts session to learn a little bit more about how Oracle Policy Automation can be implemented successfully. Our focus during the session will be on how to

  • Empower you, the Project Manager, to drive success
  • Deploy Oracle Policy Automation
  • Empower users

We’re looking forward to answering your questions!

Here’s the Ask the Experts schedule for 2019:

June 19, 3pm EDT Successful Project Management for Your Oracle Policy Automation Project

       September TBA

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Ask the Oracle Service Cloud Experts

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