By: Dave Clark On: November 25, 2019 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 0

The holidays are upon us once again, thankfully. Another year (and decade) has rapidly ticked away. Time for leftovers. And once January rolls around, they will be forgotten leftovers. The workplace fridge is ground zero and it hasn’t been cleaned out since… well yeah, it’s been a while. The ghosts of Darwin and Gould are looking at the containers in the back with the wide-eyed wonder of what might possibly emerge. It’s time to go through the fridge, and check every item and toss it if it is found to be inedible.

Interaction Attendant can often become every bit as crowded as the workplace refrigerator. Old, unused profiles are stacked around and gathering digital dust. Profiles with no way to be referenced are left to throw errors when the inbound profile is published. If you are seeing errors and warnings when trying to publish Attendant, be mindful to clean up as many as you can. Profiles should not have duplicated matching criteria. If the profile has no inbound matching ANI, consider using a word to differentiate it. These old, stale items can cause your system to take a long time to publish or slow down your usability of Attendant.

While you are in the cleaning spirit, have a look around Administrator. Consider verifying if there are long, unused users, workgroups or stale dialplan entries. Keeping a tidy Attendant will help the next person quickly find what they need.

Happy Holidays!