By: David Currier On: May 03, 2019 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 0

Configuring web chat in PureConnect can seem a bit confusing, especially if you want queue-specific logic or messages. Fortunately, Genesys has a handy technical reference to help demystify the process:

This document describes how to configure schedules that can be used to control how the system handles inbound web chat requests at different times and how to configure the different system messages that are sent to the remote participant.

Once activated, parameters are added to Interaction Administrator to globally control system messages for chat and SMS interactions. To access them, navigate to the System Configuration > Web Service > Web Services Parameters container and open the Settings: Chat or Settings: SMS parameter.

In this container, different system messages can be turned on or off and customized. But these are global.

This is where the technical reference mentioned above comes in handy. Each of these messages can be customized on a per-queue basis. Here’s how:

  • In Interaction Administrator, navigate to the Workgroups container
  • Open the desired workgroup and select the Custom Attributes tab
  • Add a new custom attribute named CHAT TEXT:<parameter_name> and provide a value that will override the default value

That’s it! In the example above, an inbound web chat to the queue for which this attribute has been set will see “Customer Service” as the display name for the system instead of whatever the global value has been configured to say.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading!