By: Colin Doggett On: February 24, 2017 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Do you ever feel that shopping Contact Center technologies is like walking into an ice cream shop? For most, the answer is yes. There are many flavors of Chat, CRM and Enterprise Phone Systems that make choosing what to use an ever-growing challenge.

Do you use Gartner, Peer Review, RFP or Google to find a solution? While there is no magic formula to selecting a solution, there are critical questions that can be adopted and modified to fit your organization.

Here are several questions to think through before choosing your flavor:


First off, it is important to keep in mind that the true cost of a solution is not just licensing. Here are a few questions to consider when preparing for an implementation:

  • Can you support the solution with current staff?
  • Do you need to solicit a consultant or partner to guide you through the process?
  • Internal knowledge transfer – who will champion your new solution long-term?


When we take time to clearly define our KPI’s before selecting a solution, it helps the project be successful long-term.

  • Does the Chat, CRM or Enterprise Phone System you are purchasing have a way to measure ROI?
  • Do you have a clear understanding from day one of the cost/benefit of your solution?

Product Road Map

In my opinion, this is a key component to any project. I recommend asking your vendor for historical Road Maps to help you better understand the vison of a solution. Here are a four other questions to consider:

  • Do you have an internal road map for your solution beyond implementation?
  • Does the vendor have a road map for their solution?
  • It is easy to say the words, but have the past milestones been achieved?
  • Is your vendor adjusting their road map every sprint/quarter in battling competition? Be cautious of this if they are.

Long-Term Support

This one may seem obvious, but honestly it is one that is often overlooked until an issue arises.

  • How will you support your solution long-term?
  • Does your team understand the strength of the partner network supporting the solution?
  • Are you a member of user groups (specific to your solution) in your industry that can help you maximize your investment?
  • Does your solution offer regional working groups or just a yearly solution showcase?

While picking a new Chat, CRM or Enterprise Phone System can feel like walking into a new ice cream shop, you certainly don’t want to choose the wrong flavor. If you are considering a new solution for your organization, I encourage you to walk through these questions with your team to start a good dialogue about expectations.

And if you have any questions…a phone call is free, perspective is priceless. Thanks for reading!