If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in the world of PureConnect, you might have noticed a move toward “webifying” the platform. While one can argue whether “webify/webification” is actually a word, the concept revolves around taking existing content and associated file extensions/formats and making them usable and capable of being viewed on the web.  This is in line with what’s already happening in the world of PureCloud (see also my blog on PureCloud for PureConnect). “Webifying” PureConnect will continue to provide a mechanism for future enhancements and capabilities and is a large part of the roadmap for the platform.

In my blog on PureConnect 2017 R3, I focused on improvements revolving around Interaction Connect.  In this blog, I’ll pick up where I left off with additional improvements to Interaction Connect in 2017 R4, which was released on August 8, 2017.

Here is a summary of PureConnect 2017 R4 enhancements:

End of Service for Web Client – Interaction Connect is an example of the aforementioned “webification” as we a move away from the now deprecated CIC .Net client and and now End of Service for Interaction Web Edition client. With Interaction Connect near feature parity with the former clients, we should continue to see a simplification in the number of supported PureConnect clients available. This also includes End of Service for Interaction Client Mobile Web Edition and Interaction Client Web Integration to Salesforce.com.

Interaction Connect Customize Queue Control Toolbar – The Queue Control Toolbar within Interaction Connect can now be customized allowing you to add, remove, and even rearrange buttons – simply right click and choose Customize Toolbar.

Interaction Connect Monitored Appearances – Monitored appearances are now supported in Interaction Connect which allows you observe and/or manage calls for other users, all controlled through Access Control Rights. Each monitored appearance can have specific ring and alert settings and the appearance can also ring your own phone.

Interaction Connect Scripter Integration – You can now process outbound calls from Interaction Dialer directly in Interaction Connect. This is similar to the functionality included in Interaction Scripter .NET Client (or the Dialer Client). You can see information about the campaign based upon defined behavior in the script and data is then routed back to the Dialer database tables by completing a form in the campaign.

Interaction Connect Queue Views – With the appropriate Access Control rights, additional queue types are now available to be added in Interaction Connect beyond the existing My Interactions Queue view for Workgroups, Users and Stations. Queues can also be filtered based upon interaction type, state, or assigned user providing additional flexibility and efficiency. Queue limits are also included which allows a supervisor to apply a filter that controls the maximum number of interactions shown as well as the order they appear in.

Interaction Connect Web-based Phone – This was referred to in its initial release as WebRTC for PureConnect in 2017 R2. These improvements allow you to test the mic and speakers you select for the phone which are then saved the next time you log on – this is similar to functionality currently included with the PureCloud WebRTC phone. For a review of the requirements for Interaction Connect Web-based Phone, see my blog.

Contact CPI to discuss these and improvements outside of Interaction Connect included in PureConnect 2017 R4 today!