By: Kory Salem On: June 19, 2017 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

As a long standing Interactive Intelligence partner, I was both excited and anxious to attend this year’s Genesys CX-17 conference. Not knowing what the conference would bring verses the old Interactions days, I entered with an open mind. In looking back there were three big revelations I discovered.

1) Genesys is #1

CPI has always partnered with manufacturers that were in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  However this is the first time we’ve partnered with a leader in both Ability to Execute AND Completeness of Vision for Contact Center Infrastructure. It goes without saying…that gives a partner some real warm fuzzies.

2) The new Genesys brand is inspiring  

Being an operationally minded person, marketing and branding are not always high on my priorities.  After watching the presentation from the Chief Marketing Officer, I was hooked.  Take a look at the intro video. I think the message really fits what CPI and Genesys are trying to do for our customers.

3) Now I understand completeness of vision

Having many years of experience with CIC (now PureConnect), I’ve always been sold on the all-in-one package. In looking back, there have been customer needs that I considered outside of the ACD system and just figured our customers can look to other products for those.  In looking at the Genesys portfolio, I now realize there is a wide array of applications that really expand what CPI can offer our customers. These are things like customer 360 journey analytics, visual IVR, SMS services, post call analytics, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

Thinking back to how I felt before the conference, I can honestly say my anxious feelings have been replaced with excitement. The future is indeed bright!!