By: Jimi Vorhees On: May 10, 2017 In: Avaya Comments: 0

It’s May in Indianapolis and you know what that means – the Indianapolis 500! It really is a great tradition for us Hoosiers. But before you head out of the office to enjoy the race, follow these simple steps to make sure you don’t miss any important calls while you’re away from your desk.

To have your voicemail forwarded to your email account, have your System Administrator follow the instructions below so you don’t miss a beat:

1. Log into the IP office

2. Select a User (In the Email Address field, enter the correct email address)

3. Click OK at the bottom right

4. Click the Voicemail tab (Check that the “Voicemail On” check box is selected – make sure email address is correct)

5. Select the radio button (Voicemail to Email) and choose Copy

6. Click OK at the bottom right

7. Lastly, select the save icon in the top left corner

Just one thing to keep in mind. If you delete the voicemail message from your email, it will still be in your voicemail box when you get back to the office. This gives you an opportunity to double check the information. You can also have the voicemail forwarded to your email without duplicating the message in your voicemail, but from my experience I like having two copies of the message just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

So go to the track and have fun without worrying about the office.

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