By: Beth Fuson On: November 27, 2017 In: CPI Comments: 0

Making a change takes planning…

Are you prepared for the inevitable? Change is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be tough. Here is a short checklist of tasks associated with planning for changes to your communications (whether for technology enhancements, disaster recovery or digital transformation):

 Know Where You Stand – Do you know the contract terms, expiration dates and lead times for ending or changing your plan?

Build Your Team – Assemble an internal team who will oversee the process for selecting and implementing. Remember bigger is not always better, so look for a visionary executive anchor with vested understanding of the IT and infrastructure. Additionally, identify at least one individual who has an expansive knowledge of the business, processes and human workflow for both business users and customer experience.

 Audit and Analyze Your Needs – Evaluate and identify areas that need improvement, including costs associated with the current environment that hinders customer service efforts. Interview users in various roles. Don’t forget to identify budgetary constraints, compliance and scalability requirements too.

 Research Your Options – Talk with business associates, research technology, read reviews, get testimonials on potential partners and create your vendor list.

 Let the Consideration Process Begin – Look at the comprehensive solution (short and long-term objectives), each vendor’s implementation process, business practices and long-term partnership success. It is important to note the infrastructure, support, ease of use, customization and integration capabilities. Don’t forget the demo!

 Engage – Select a partner, sign a contract and draft a formal implementation plan (one that articulates your goals and objectives, includes the features, functionalities and a communications plan). Engage the departments most impacted by the change and set a realistic timeline for rollout – stay the course!

We hope you found this checklist helpful. Please reach out if we can help you through the process. Best wishes on your journey!