By: David Currier On: May 20, 2016 In: Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

The recent client connectivity issues caused by Microsoft .Net patches have been some of the most serious I’ve seen in the time I have worked with CIC. Thankfully, they have also been fairly quick to resolve. Since the last post, we have received more information from Interactive Intelligence about what happened and a resolution.

Microsoft released the patches to fix a “Man in the Middle” vulnerability in the .Net Framework. The changes that they made affect how data is sent between systems across the network and caused client connectivity to fail. Here is a link to the Microsoft Security Bulletin that addresses this issue.

The short-term workarounds were to uninstall the offending patches or modify some registry keys (per this Microsoft article) to look like this:



To resolve these issues, ININ has also released patches for CIC to handle these Microsoft .Net changes. Here is a patch matrix that lists versions for which an Engineering Special (ES) is available and versions that include the fix:


 Version  Patch with ES  Patch built-in
 2015r2  22, 23, 24  25
 2015r3  21  22
 2015r4  17  18
 2016r1  13, 14  15
 2016r2  6  7
 2016r3  1  2
 2016r4  N/A  All


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