By: Colin Doggett On: February 18, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Are you in the data dungeon or in the clouds with how you use information gathered in the Contact Center?

Throughout my career I have worked positions in IT and Contact Center organizations. It has been my pleasure to spend a majority of the time filling the job of Project Manager. Executing projects for organizations that have a number of focuses from Marketing to Operations. I have always found it interesting to see how one side of the organization can be 100% focused on analytics while the other side is focused on perceptions and gut feeling.

Where is the balance?

One of my favorite memories is helping a Marketing organization understand the value add a Contact Center provided to meet there demand for better understanding the customers perception of the brand. Quickly I discovered that many of the key stake holders had already formed their perception of the customer’s needs and issues. By showing the key stake holders that the data gathered in the Contact Center showed a different but equally important picture of the customer, changes could be made to how the business was executing.

One of the hardest things to overcome in business is the preconceived understandings that stakeholders bring to the table.

Contact Centers offer one of the largest opportunities to gain insight on your customer. Helping your organization to understand this can turn you from being a cost to the business into a strong value add. Start by meeting with key decision makers to better understand what data can help them and don’t focus on attempting to drive change alone.

Moving Perceptions?

Historically the Contact Center has been focused on using data to become more efficient. But there is another side to the data you have on hand. That is the reality that you have a plentiful source of relevant information on your Organization, Product and Customer. Become a data smart Contact Center not just a source for customer complaints, order taking and tech support. Are you driving organizational change from the information you have at your fingertips?

Keys to Success:

  1. Partner with key stakeholders outside of your department.
    • Let others help show your value add
    • Individuals are not successful on their own
    • By partnering outside of your core group you grow and learn
  2. Present analytics and reporting in an unbiased non filtered way.
    • Report in a way that does not force your conclusion
    • Stakeholders should be allowed to draw their own conclusion
    • Be confident that what you’re reporting is accurate
  3. Accuracy is critical. Make sure your reports are correct.
    • There is no faster way to lose credibility in your organization than to report information that is wrong
    • Partner with people that think differently than you to assist in fact checking
    • If you are not 100% confident in your information admit it
    • Remember, there is more than one way to formulate an answer to a hypothesis

Are you struggling with how to market your Contact Center to the rest of your organization? Do you use data gathered by your Contact Center to drive change? Do you need help understanding how to use the tools you have? Let CPI help you. Our team has great depth and professional experience in data analytics and Contact Center. Contact us today – we can help you move the needle.