By: Lanette Thurman On: August 12, 2014 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Recently a co-worker was planning a camping trip with her family. Of course every successful camping trip involves S’mores. So while going shopping for all the items she needed, she ran across something that really caught her off guard — S’more sized marshmallows!

Although we laughed about this, it made me realize this is a really great example of the voice of the customer. Was the new S’mores marshmallow based on a letter writing campaign from the Boy’s & Girl’s Scouts of America, feedback from camping enthusiast or possibly several S’mores fanatics? Regardless of how the product landed on grocery store shelves, one thing is for sure, this is the “voice of the customer” wanting S’more sized marshmallows!







In this day and age of customization, the marshmallow example proves that we all must listen to what are customers are asking for and to deliver the product to their satisfaction. Our customers are truly driving our products and operations!

Just as my friend was planning the camping trip, many of you are starting to plan your 2015 initiatives. What’s on your list that will help you better listen to your customers and improve their experience with you?

Here are four keys you may want to consider implementing in 2015 to help unlock the voice of your customers.

1. Improve self-service

Does your IVR allow customers to complete transactions 24 hours a day without needing an agent? Can I look up answers to common questions in a knowledge base on your website? What additional self-service technology can you give your customers to empower them and to tie them to your business?

2. Add chat capabilities to your website

Everyone queues calls, most everyone queues emails, but does your center queue chats? It’s another channel that customers love – and it gives you another effective way to listen to your customers.

3. Unleash the power of social media

I hope by now your company has moved customer service social media to your contact center. Yes, there’s a piece of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest that belongs in your marketing department. But, most of that “conversation” should be between your expert agents and the customers who are reaching out for service. There are customers talking in these channels – be sure 2015 is the year you respond to them in their favorite channel.

4.  Go mobile

Growth in the use of mobile applications is exploding. Is your organization on people’s phones and tablets so they can reach you in yet another way that they want?

Somewhere, someone figured out that some campers like one perfect-sized marshmallow on their graham cracker when they made their S’mores. Somewhere, you have a customer who’s reaching out to you looking for the “perfect” way to talk to you. Are you going to be listening in the right places?

I don’t know about you but I think some S’mores sound really good right now!