By: The CPI Team On: November 07, 2013 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

The Contact Center Association fall, 2013 conference had another great day of sessions today.  I’ve been trying to bring you a taste of the different things I’ve been hearing in the sessions I’ve attended.  However, today, one of the sessions I attended today was SO very good that I wanted to just focus on that for you.

The title of the session was “The WOW Revolution: The Next Generation of Customer Experience” presented by Lauren Ziskie from Dialogue Marketing. I wish there was some way for me to pass along Lauren’s energy and enthusiasm (it was quite awesome!).  Instead, let me just pass along a few points from her presentation.  She discussed 5 trends in customer experience.

Trend 1: Become an Engagement Center.  We’re not a call center…we’re not a contact center.  We need to be an engagement center – a place that builds and focuses on customer relationships.  Here’s a thought: a phone call gives you a customer’s undivided attention for 5 minutes.  What are your agents doing during that time to leave a lasting impression?

Trend 2:  Create a digital concierge service.  We need to be monitoring the social media landscape and answering those customers (I discussed that in yesterday’s post – the point keeps coming up!).  Lauren talked about it being “game-changing” to “conduct public facing customer service.”  Dealing with folks out where everyone can watch is a pretty radical shift from having one agent talk to one customer.

Trend 3:  Optimizing the multi-channel experience.  Today multi-channel has to go beyond phone and email and we need to make those channels work for our customers.  Lauren observed, “every moment of phone hold time puts brand loyalty to the test.”  We have to be looking to serve customers in ways we’ve not had to consider before.

Trend 4:  Leverage Big Data to predict consumer behavior and trends.  I must admit this point was a bit mind-blowing for me.  Looking at the kinds of things that are possible in creating “smart interactions” by using data you already have was…well…really cool.  I can’t wait to see how our businesses are going to be transformed by this trend.

Trend 5:  Create a culture focusing on delivering WOW.  One of the points Lauren made here was asking us to think about our hiring process.  She reminded us that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Now apply that to what your new agents go through from job posting to new hire orientation and training.  That’s the beginning of your culture for your agents.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  Hmmmm…maybe I have a few things I should change.

You can learn more about this from Lauren at  Go check it out.  I was really challenged by her talk.