By: Chris Dellen On: January 11, 2011 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

In the early 1900s the workforce as we knew it went through a major disruption. We went from artisans producing masterpieces to factories that produced similar goods, but much cheaper and a lot faster.

That change completely re-engineered the skill sets employees needed to be successful during that time period. Multi-year apprenticeships quickly reached obsolescence (with the exception of very high-end offerings) to other in-demand skills such as cost accounting, management expertise, etc.

I believe there is a similar disruption coming to the IT profession.
That disruption is being driven by organization’s changing views of technology. In the early mainframe days, technology was having such a revolutionary impact that organizations were spending lots of money into technology projects. Today, businesses are approaching technology investments and the people that support them much more strategically… ROI, KPIs, etc.

If you are in IT, What is going to be the impact on your job?

My recommendations for the next-generation IT person:

  1. The next generation IT person is going to need as much EQ (emotional quotient) as they do IQ. Realize that your skills are going to include more than writing code or supporting software. I’m not talking about more certifications… I’m talking about the soft skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy.
  2. Customer Service Skills – internal and external
  3. Business knowledge – the next generation IT person isn’t going to have the luxury of just knowing how to make technology work. They are going to have to be able to understand and translate technology strategy into business terms including: finance, marketing, strategy, and supply chain.

Are you ready for the change?